The Top Richest Heirs And Heiresses in America

Aug/30/2020 06:31:22

These Are The Richest Pet Heirs In The World

I love mornings. Every morning, I go out for a walk with my dog. When we walk, most of our neighborhood is still sleeping, so there's no one else around. I like that stillness in mornings. It seems like everything is, for a few moments, suspended between sleep and the busyness of the day. But my very favorite part of the morning is when my dog and I get home and we have snuggle time. Each morning, we spend time together — no phone, no computer...just my pup and I. Sometimes, I tell her he is the best dog ever. And I quickly correct myself. Because, to call him a dog seems to diminish him importance in my life. Mostly, I call him my baby. Do I consider him to be a family member? You bet. Does he deserve all the riches in the world? I'd like to think so.

And, apparently, I'm not alone in pampering my pup and treating him like he's more than a pet. Seventy percent of people sign their pet’s name on greeting cards, according to the American Hospital Association, and 58 percent include their pets in family and holiday portraits. In fact, in a Kelton Research survey, 81 percent of respondents put their pets on par with children in their family, and these furry family members are even being included in estate planning. More than 44 percent of people have made either written or verbal plans for the care of their pets as part of their estate planning, according to a survey of pet owners by Securian Financial Group.

And that's how the following 30 pets amassed their wealth. They inherited it. In some cases, their owners chose to bequeath them with obscene amounts of money. Other pets inherited grand estates or villas. And still others were left with their own housekeeper or even endless gourmet meals. Yes, these are 30 of the richest pet beneficiaries in the world. Read on to see who got millions!

(Editor's note: Many of the animals pictured here are representative of the pets who received an inheritance and not the actual pet.)
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